Face/Body Painting


With over 17 years of experience painting faces and bodies, Leaf McGowan offers a wide variety of face and body painting art and services. From personalized portfolio photo shoots to artistic calendars or from birthday parties to nightclubs, Consider Face & Body painting to enhance your look, costume, or event.

Leaf has been painting for over 17 years, learning the art from the infamous Fire Faery named Luna of Chicago spotlight. Ever since, he has been enhancing patrons, events, and festivals throughout the world. His live art has been performed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Australia, and throughout the United States. He has offered his art and services at various world festivals including Burning Man, Apogaea, Starwood, Faerieworlds, Beltania, and Three Wishes Faerie Festival. His work has been seen at various nightclubs, fetish nights, bars, markets, festivals, fairs, private parties, and photo shoots. Most of his work is hand painted free-form artwork on flesh utilizing Mehron, Ben Nye, Wolfe, Cream, and his own custom made clay based tribal paints.

He is available for hire at clubs, bars, fetish nights, festivals, private parties, calendars, and portfolio shoots. His rates are flexible and affordable. Request a quote or reservation today.


Festivals, Events, Clubs, Bars and Markets: Leaf can attend as a vendor, staff, or as entertainer. Flat rates or per individual design can be charged. Private Portfolios: If you’d like to be painted and photographed, Leaf can come to your home or business, fully bodypaint you with requested theme or design, and take 25-50 digital photographs of you for your portfolio that he’ll touch up in Photoshop for your use. Private Portfolio painting and shoots begin at $100.00 in the Colorado Springs / Denver / Pueblo, Colorado locations. Rate includes 1st hour, each additional hour is billed at $50/hour. This is charged at a flat rate of 50 an hour per person painted. Locations beyond the Denver/Colorado Springs/Pueblo metro areas will involved additional cost for transportation.

Face painting or Body painting at a Private Event or Party base rates can range from $50-100.00 an hour depending on scope of requested work (face and/or body) and estimated number of human canvases requested within each hour of the event.



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