Chronicles & Quests

Welcome to the Chronicles of Sir Thomas Rhymour Oisin Leif McGowan. Enter ye into the world of adventure, mystery, folklore, expeditions, archaeology, science, and fantasy woven into the public journals of the Techno-nomad most know as “Sir Thomas” or “Leaf” within his seemingly 5 lifetimes he’s lived from 1968 until the present day.

In the turn of 2019-2020, he has dedicated his lifetime to become a protector of Ancient Ways, most notably that of Faerie lore, Holy Wells, Sacred Springs, forgotten myths and legends. He is an Author, Cartographer, Archaeologist, Scientist, and Folklorist. His goal is to pursue his Living Myth as Sir Thomas Rhymour Oisin Leif McGowan with great adventures between the New and Old Worlds. His purpose in life is to protect the Ancestors – their history, lore, legend, myth, and ancestral remains. Also a water protector, a water-remember-er. He is a teacher to pass on their knowledge.

Sir Thomas creates his own “Living Myth” by searching through folklore and legends for answers of conundrums presented to him in life. Fascinated by the world of myth, fantasy, faeries, and magic, he seeks elements that most overlook. Every day the Universe presents him with challenges that he must solve, and these are turned into quests, sagas, and adventures presented here. Many of these adventures began as dreams realized by vacations as he delved and explored the mysteries of the unknown.

As he weaves his “Living Myth” the divine has presented upon him various omens, oracles, and prophecies that lead him to some pretty fascinating places in the world, embarking upon travels found in legend, but taking place in the modern era.

In this lifetime alone, he has lived many “lives”. He has found secrets of true love, experienced divorce, heartache, bliss, unraveled lore, unlocked secrets of the unknown, and has begun to walk the thresholds between the world of mortals and that of the lands of legends. Below, we invite you to take the journey from whence it began and follow it as the Living Myth unwinds opening doorways to a future of high sea adventure, mystical lands, and proof that what was once thought to be a mere ‘fairy tale’ is very much alive in the concrete jungles of technological societies. Delve through the lore with this Technomad as he explores the ancient, mundane, magical, in the here and now ….

The Five Lives of Sir Thomas Rhymer Oisin Leif McGowan

    • First Life: Chronicles of True Thomas
      1968 – 1990 ~ Sir Tommy: the young magician, computer programmer, Indiana Jones wanna-be, Stockbroker, and Archaeologist. Sir Tommy grows up and falls in love, gets married, and has a daughter. He Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, conducts numerous excavations, pursues a career from stockbroker to Archaeologist – working for the National Parks Service, doing a classical Archaeological field school at Cetamura del Chianti in Italy and San Pablo de Patale village and mission site in Tallahassee Florida under Florida State University. He and Lady Kimberly give birth to Lady Breanna. He divorces and becomes a single dad. He converts from Classical Archaeology to American Archaeology. He changes from a devout Catholic – an altar boy wanting to become a priest evolving into a Druid for Ar nDraoicht Fein, operating the Wakulla Cypress Grove, ADF. He ventures from Monogamy into Polyamory and receives visions of Niamh – the Prophecy of the Northwest Bride.

    • Second Life: Chronicles of Sir Tom

      ~ 1990-2000: Sir Tom: The archaeologist, Stockbroker, Researcher, and Web Developer. Recovered from his divorce to Lady Kimberly, Sir Tom ventures to the Pacific Northwest seeking out his prophetic bride. He comes back to Florida empty-handed embracing the Death of his Father, Divorce of his First Wife, and Severe Debt. The three “D’s” of his Destruction. He falls for his best friend as a Twin flame, marries her in a Druid ceremony as a handfasting from ArchDruid Emeritus Isaac Bonewits officiating. He pursues once again a Monogamous life but is haunted by his Polyamorous past. He pursues a Life as a Museum Technician, Archaeologist, and becomes a Webmaster/Information Coordinator for the State of Florida. The “dotcom” boom lures him away into a prosperous life operating Leafworks Web Design. He explores a life in New York, explores New England and has a dramatic ending in divorce from Lady Autumn. The drastic changes in his life sends him fleeting across the country to the Pacific Northwest inquisitive about the Northwest bridal prophecy.

    • The Third Incarnation: Chronicles of Sir Leaf McGowan

      ~ 2000-2012: Sir Leaf McGowan as the “Technogypsie”, Archaeologist, Web Developer, and Festival Merchant. Sir Leaf bounces from living in Eugene, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Point Roberts, Washington; and Vancouver, British Columbia. He sells his house and land in Florida, recovers from the “Dotcom crash” and explores once again the Polyamourous life as a single parent. He embarks upon becoming a body painter, festival character, stage magician, and diviner. Travelling around the United States vending at festivals – he falls in love with Lady Firefae and embraces the tale of Prince Liam. He loses several vehicles and gets trapped in Los Angeles. He escapes L.A. and embraces a lifetime in Seattle, Washington – gets back into Archaeology leaving the technological digital world of programming and tech support. He works for Microsoft, Wave Broadband, and goes into Cascadian Archaeology. He follows shovelbum work across the Southeast, works at the Miami Circle, narrowly escapes Hurricane Katrina, and becomes a military Archaeologist in Colorado. He falls in love with Lady Jess, gets engaged, and sees an end to the relationship. He opens a Faerie shop in historic Manitou Springs called “The Tree Leaves’ Oracle”. He travels back and forth to Europe annually exploring his Mythic Cycle and indulging into Burning Man, Faerieworlds, Three Wishes, and gives birth to Pirate Relief as well as the Faeid Fellowship.

    • Fourth Incarnation: Chronicles of Sir Thomas Leaf

      ~ 2012-2016: Sir Thomas Leaf. As a self-proclaimed “Technogypsie”, Sir Thomas travels around the world. He Leaves his job as a Cartographer / Military Archaeologist and travels to explore his Living Myth and Visions. he once again explores The Prophecy of the Pacific Northwest Twin Flame, the Irish Bride, the French Princess. he takes Walk about Down Under sailing on the replica of Captain Cook’s – the HMB Endeavour. With Sir Bluey he drive around and explores Australia. He moves to Cornwall and helps run the Excavations of the Witch Pits. After backpacking around Scotland he runs out of money, goes to Burning Man to help Irish Burners Building the Celtic Dragon to represent Ireland. He embarks upon Irish love and finds a twin flame from Ireland which tells the tale of The Love story of Sir Thomas Leaf and Lady Etain. He explores a life in Ireland but returns to the States for The Death of his mother. Discovering they were pregnant on the journey, they give birth to Prince Cian. After his birth, they become Nomads and Move to the Pacific Northwest at Vegantopia, running a Viking / Pirate / Faerie shop in Ashland called “The Leaf and Dragon”. After the store collapses, Sir Thomas returns to contract archaeology and the nomadic lifestyle leads to the demise of their relationship with Lady Etain’s affair. The end of the Love Story leads to single parenting and custody battles.

    • The Fifth Incarnation: Rebirth of the Bard and Ovate

      ~ 2016-Present. Sir Oisin Leif. Sir Oisin begins a new life in Colorado as a single dad, goes through a bitter divorce and child custody battle. He re-invents himself as a rebirth to become once again a Bard, Ovate, and Druid. He escapes his losses and finds new beginnings, struggling bouncing from Colorado to Washington state to find his new self and constantly be available to his son. His archaeological career is put on the side burner as he struggles with vending festivals, doing delivery work, web development, stage magic, research, and side jobs to make ends meet. He embarks upon the “Back to a Shovelbum Life”, “Tales of a Delivery Guy” and redefines himself as a “Technotinker”. He also receives prophecy that he is supposed to become a Water Protector – Guardian of the Sacred Waters. He gives up on Love and pursues a autonomous life no longer seeking to waste time on Dating. Open to long term committments with best friends as life partners and no longer wasting time on the dating game. He sets out dedicated to Protect the Sacred Landscape, the Sacred Waters, and Exploring Legends – Zombieland, Mermaids, Elves, and Cryptids. The Current Tale. Where we are today.

Mystically guided by the ancient Goddess Brigid (now a Catholic Saint), Sir Thomas Leaf has been taken around North America, across the seas to Germany, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, England, Ireland, and Italy revealing legends and lore ranging from Janet’s Foss, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Roswell Crash Site, National Museum of Crime and Punishment, Museum of the American Indian, Ghosts of Williamsburg, Orient Land Trust, Tower of London, Traitor’s Gate, Pirates on the Thames, Blackfriar’s Bridge, Jack the Ripper, River Thames, Museum of Natural History – London, Money Trees. Faerieworlds 2009, Briarhurst Manor, Malham Cove, Miracle of Amsterdam, Sex Museum, Amsterdam Waag, Kasper Hauser, Palmbosch’n’, Nibelungenmuseum and the legend, Worms, Cologne Roman-German Museum, Koln Chocolate Museum, Koln Cathedral, Xanten Roman Amphitheater, The Harbour Temple, Xanten, Dusseldorf, Mauna Kea, Punalu Beach, Pele, Kilaeua, Faerieworlds Winter Celebration, Windsor Ruins, Beltania, Men Scryfa, Men-at-tol, Lanyon Quoit, Nine Maidens Stone Circle, Madron Well, Lesigney Round, National Leprechaun Museum, The Bodmin Beast, Colliford Lake, Three Wishes Faerie Festival, Ritual Offering Pits at Saveok, Saveok Water Archaeology Site, Cornish Witchcraft, Purification Pools at Saveok, Bodmin Moor, Bru na Boinne, Ragnarok, Dublinia, The Black Church, Poulnabrone, Knocknashee, Dunseverick Castle, The Giant’s Causeway, Newgrange, Knowth, St. Michan’s Mummies, The Spirits and Entities of Alcohol, The Blarney Castle, The Rock Close, Blarney Poison Garden, The Witches’ Wishing Steps, Legend of the Blarney Stone, Wishing Trees, The Curraugh, Brigid’s Sacred Wells, Brigid’s Sacred Flame, to The Portal, Reflection on the loss of his mentor, and ….


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